For most leaders and managers, one of the most daunting challenges is finding the right people to hire who bring their A-games to the organization and turn in to peak performers. When the wrong person is hired, you experience lower productivity, high turnover, and possible low morale in the entire company. These results represent real costs to you company, which translates into bad news for your bottom line.

That means there is a financial benefit to your organization in finding the right people that fit the jobs you have available, and keeping them in your company as long as possible.

That is the benefit offered by ESP.

Lead for Change offers ESP to your company as a tool for assessing candidates during the hiring process. ESP gives you a fundamental perspective on the strengths of each candidate compared to the profile of the ideal candidate. ESP reveals motivations and aptitudes and helps you line them up with the motivations and aptitudes you need in each position.

Combined with the other traditional methods of evaluating candidates – reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates and contacting references – ESP can provide you additional assurance that you are making a good fit between the candidate you select and the position you need to hire.

ESP – which stands for Emergenetics Selection Program – is based upon the Emergenetics model of assessing individual behavioral and thinking strengths. Emergenetics is a 30-year psychometric model based upon more than a half million individual profiles. The core strengths measured by Emergenetics are those attributes that people bring to the workplace which have a huge impact on determining whether someone is working in the right job. When these attributes line up effectively with the job, your employee is likely to be productive, effective and very satisfied working for you. To the contrary, when there is terrible misalignment, employees can often be unproductive and unhappy.

Ultimately, find the right person who will be productive, effective and happy is the best possible outcome for you, your employee and your business.

Nobody can guarantee that every hire is going to be a perfect fit. But ESP gives you a brain science based tool that comes closer than ever to matching your open position with the ideal candidate.

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